Newton Elections 2023

2023 City Council Endorsements

There are many ways to fight gun violence, but the most effective tool you have is your vote. The upcoming municipal election is an important one, with several contested races that will determine the course Newton takes on many issues from gun related policies to affordable and abundant housing to equity in education to racial justice - all of which are closely linked. 

We asked all candidates in contested races for City Council about their plans to help make Newton a leading city in Gun Violence Prevention. We want to thank every candidate who answered our survey - we know your schedules are very busy and we really appreciate your time.   

Below is a list of candidates whose visions for GVP in Newton most closely align with the holistic approach necessary to enact real change. We feel very fortunate to live in a city where every candidate who responded is in support of gun violence prevention measures. You can see their complete answers here*. Our decisions were made based on candidates' response to our survey, and their view of effective gun control as including equal access to education, affordable housing, mental health services and social support services. Importantly, we considered the candidates’ commitment to reducing social inequities that so often fuel gun violence.

*Note: We sent the questionnaire to all candidates in contested elections with the exception of Mark Holt who does not provide an email address on his website and did not respond to our FB message requesting his email address.

Most importantly please remember to VOTE on Tuesday, September 12* if you are in Wards 2 or 6 and on Tuesday November 7 in ALL WARDS. All registered voters can vote for At-Large Councilors.

Please vote for the following candidates endorsed by NGVPC:

Councilors at Large (all Newton residents can vote for these candidates)

Ward 5 - Deb Crossley and Andreae Downs

Ward 6 - Alicia Bowman and Victoria Danberg

Ward Councilors (only Ward residents can vote for these candidates)

Ward 2 - Danny Gaynor*

Ward 4 - Doris Ann Sweet

Ward 6 - Martha Bixby*

Ward 8 - Holly Ryan

*A Preliminary Election will be held on Tuesday, September 12 in Wards 2 and 6 to narrow the field to 2 candidates.