How You Can Help

Enact Zoning 

Contact your city or town’s local governing body to enact a zoning ordinance to regulate firearms.

Newton was caught off guard when a gun store tried to open in one of our town centers. Residents were shocked to learn that there was no zoning in place, and a gun store could open anywhere retail stores were allowed. In response, Newton enacted one of the nation’s strongest zoning ordinances that includes buffer zones around sensitive use areas, such as schools, day care centers, preschools, child-care facilities, parks, and playgrounds; limitations on hours of operation and signage; and a special permit process.

Zoning ordinances are an effective, legally defensible way to add protection for cities and towns wishing to limit gun stores. Take proactive action now to make sure your city has protections in place to regulate the location of gun stores. With a group of concerned residents, contact your local officials and work with them to create a zoning ordinance appropriate for your city. If needed, create a Facebook group to amplify your voices and put additional pressure on your city officials to take action.

We are here to help. Please contact us at to discuss next steps in enacting a zoning ordinance in your town.

Note on a Gun Store Ban

State and national leaders agree that strong, legally-defensible zoning ordinances are the most effective way to restrict gun shops. They also agree that bans on gun stores provide little benefit, but invite risks that could have dramatic impacts and could set back state and national gun violence prevention efforts. At this time, restrictive zoning is the preferred method for regulating gun stores.


Help support gun violence prevention legislation and candidates.

We support the legislative priorities of the Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence. Follow their Action Alerts Page to learn about the most current legislative priorities in Massachusetts.

Find out how to contact your state legislator here.